DIY Necklace Stand

Hey =)
Happy Boxing Day. All of you must be out getting those amazing deals that are on sale today.
Anyway, I went out on Christmas Eve, and bought a few supplies that I needed for the thing I wanted to make during the Holidays.

The first thing I wanted to make was a necklace holder. My necklaces are all tangled up in my cupboard and it's making me crazy every morning. Now my sleeping schedule is kind of messed up, I don't really have the time to untie it every morning. So I decided to find an idea to help me organize. I did a lot of research, but unfortunately many people were making necklace holders that you can hang on the wall. Some of them very similar to the one I made for my earring holder. That is actually a problem for me. Since I'm not allowed to have any nails on the walls of my rez, and I can barely hang my earring holder on that thin cork board of mine.

I did come across some really cool stands, but the one I really like is like a barbie doll stand. Unfortunately, there weren't anyone who made a stand like that, nor is there a tutorial. Anyway, I was thinking about buying a doll from the dollar store, and some how figure it out from there. Unfortunately, when I went shopping, I didn't find a barbie doll. But, I found something better. I was in the craft section of the dollar store, and I came across a little kit that said Fashion Studio. It was basically for making your own gowns that are doll sized. It came with fabric and pins and some stickers and lace. But I was only interested in the model it came with. When I saw that, I thought, 'I'm glad I didn't get a barbie doll, it is much more simple to make this stand up than a barbie.'

It took me a few hours on Christmas Eve, and today. But I finally finished. And I absolutely LOVE IT!

I didn't use any of the fabrics it came with. It wasn't as elegant or pretty as this fabric.

Hope you guys like it =)


Quick update =)

First term of University is slowing coming to an end. I'll be back home in a few days. I have about a week and half to relax before I have to come back already. I'm really excited for the holidays, mostly because there are a few things I want to make. =)

I've been meaning to organize my necklaces. But I have yet to found a tutorial to help me yet. I'm thinking about one of those ballerina necklace stand. Hope someone can help =)


DIY Laptop Sleeve

After a LONG period of procrastination, I've finally finished the laptop sleeve, unfortunately just before I finished it, someone gave me a laptop bag. What are the odds of that? However, Since I've put so much effort into making it and designing it, I, of course will take it with me to rez.

It's basically a laptop size version of the lined-zippered pouch. I've seen many tutorials of those. They are pretty easy to make.

Anyway, I'm still packing, so I don't want to make such a long post.

Here is my final product:

Front view:


DIY Boxy Pouch

As school is fast approaching, I realize that while in rez, my living space will be pretty small and furniture-less. I need a place to keep my small trinkets and such to keep my room neat and clean.

I decided to make a boxy pouch. It is very convenient because you can use it as a make up bag, jewelery bag. I wanted to make a couple, but I only have time to make two for now. I still have to finish the things on my list.

I didn't use one specific tutorial for this, but I have seen these tutorials before, but I didn't really like most of them, because they ended up cutting the corners off. I did like on particular tutorial, I think she did a great job. Projects by Jane has a few tutorials on boxy pouches, and I liked this one the best. Please check out her blog, she has made some really nice projects and I love her tutorials.

Here are the images:

I made two, one for myself and one for my best friend, Ki-Chan.

It's probably because it's night right now, the pictures didn't turn out very nicely.


DIY Kitty Pencil case

Wow, summer is almost over, but surprisingly I didn't actually make anything this summer. I've been so busy babysitting my brother. He's so troublesome and naughty.
Anyways, my to-do list is pretty long. Unfortunately, I won't be able to finish everything. So, I might have to put it off until next summer. I'm not bring any of my crafting stuff to rez, because then I would have to bring a lot of stuff. My room will be very small if i bring too much stuff, so i decided to leave it all at home.

I didn't actually make this pencil case this summer, I made it during the end of January. At the time, I wanted a bigger pencil case so I can fit my calculator in it. I actually lost my calculator right after I finished my second last exam of the term, my last exam was actually a math exam. So that whole thing was pretty messy. I thought it would be better if my pencil case was bigger. I did cut the fabric bigger than the original pattern, however it was still too small for my calculator. I messed it up during the winter, and never finished it. So a couple days ago, I decided to take it apart and redo it.

My final product, I absolutely love it.

The front:



Some of my plans actually got changed. I'm pretty much babysitting my 2 year old brother (he is two tomorrow) everyday, so I won't be able to start that facebook shop. So hopefully i'll be more focused on crafting. Currently, I can't actually make anything, because I'm cleaning out my room. Since I have to move in September, I thought I should start now. My room is overcrowded with stuff, unfortunately I can't even take 10% of be belonging to rez. The dorm room are so small, and I can't bring any furnitures. So, I'm thinking of using this time to clean out my room completely get rid of all the stuff I don't need.

Anyway, I started on a Phoebe Bag. I already cut out most of the pieces, but I've yet to sew them together. I didn't want to add my sewing machine and stuff to the huge mess I already created.

I'm thinking about starting a cross stitch soon too. So, I better start cleaning, that way, I can work on my craft work!


Going away present...

Heyy... so I've been a bit busy, haven't really made much. And I have yet to start on my plan. I found out polymer clay was a bit more expensive than I had expected and I'm currently broke. So I'm unsure of whether I should start a facebook shop or not.
I've been meaning to start on that bag before I forget how to make it, but my brother is keeping me pretty busy.

Anyway, one of my best friends told me some very depressing news a couple days ago. I decided to make her something before she leave.

Since it was last minute, the only thing I thought of was to make a plushie heart. The front side said "Good Luck" while the back side says "Luv Michelle". I hope she likes it and carry it with her ^^. It's very small, so it should be pretty portable.

Miss you sweetie, can't wait to hear your good news ♥♥♥


I'm backkk ^^

I can't believe it, high school is finally over. I finished my last exam today and I feel so relieved. Anyway, since summer is starting, I'll be able to focus more on my crafting. I have tons of ideas. Yay^^ So, I'll be able to blog again.

Okay, so during march, I went to Ardene. I go there all the time, and I just love that store. Coincidently, I was in the purses section. I saw this really pretty handbag, and I was debating about whether I should buy it or not. I didn't buy it then, but I went to look at it all the time.. LOL, I know, I'm such a loser sometimes.. Anyway, finally one day when I went to Ardene, the handbag was gone. I felt really bad, because I really liked that handbag. Anyway, the reason why I didn't buy it was because I didn't actually like the colour of it. They had black and white strips, red and white strips, and yellow and white strips. I was thinking that after I buy it, I'll probably try to remake it in a colour I like. But I didn't really want to end up with two or three purses that differ in colour but were the same style. Since I already have a lot of bags I didn't use, I didn't want to add to the pile. Anyways, even after so many months, I'm still thinking about it. So since it's the start of the summer I'm planning to make one from scratch. I just have to figure out the dimensions first.

I also have some other ideas that i really want to try too. So this summer I'll probably make some bags.

I'm thinking of opening a facebook shop. I know those things are so common now a days. Lots of people sell clothes and circle lenses from Japan and Korea, but I've yet to see a store that sells things that are made to order. It's my last summer to be able to do this, I'm sure when university starts I'll be so busy and my summer will probably be super busy too.

I also wanted to make cellphone charms out of polymer clay too, but the polymer clay is kind of pricy especially when I'm so close to being broke. >.< xP

Anyway, so my exam finished today. Right before my exams, well more like right after prom, I started obsessing over nails. So obsessive to the point that I didn't even do much studying. Well it's alright, as long as I pass, I'll be okay ^^ Anyways, I'm thinking about buying Konad, I fell in love with them last summer, but I didn't know if I should buy it or not. From my experience with the handbag, if I'm thinking about it for such a long time, I might as well buy it, or else I'm sure I'll regret it.

I think my little nail obsession deserve it's own blog, since this blog is all about crafting. Hopefully, I'll be able to come up with a name for it soon ^^
Talk to you soon ^^


Happy Mother's Day!

To all mothers in the world, Happy Mother's Day. Today is your special day, and you deserve something special. To all children in the world, award your mom with something special. Moms' has been working long and hard throughout the year and they deserve a little present that comes from the hearts. =]

Of course, my mom deserve nothing less than the best gift I can think of. This year my idea came a bit late, so I didn't have time to buy supplies.

I made her a pot of origami flowers. It was fun to make but it was also very time consuming.

I'll probably go out to by her something else later today.

Hope you all enjoy today, and celebrate with your family. ^^