DIY Necklace Stand

Hey =)
Happy Boxing Day. All of you must be out getting those amazing deals that are on sale today.
Anyway, I went out on Christmas Eve, and bought a few supplies that I needed for the thing I wanted to make during the Holidays.

The first thing I wanted to make was a necklace holder. My necklaces are all tangled up in my cupboard and it's making me crazy every morning. Now my sleeping schedule is kind of messed up, I don't really have the time to untie it every morning. So I decided to find an idea to help me organize. I did a lot of research, but unfortunately many people were making necklace holders that you can hang on the wall. Some of them very similar to the one I made for my earring holder. That is actually a problem for me. Since I'm not allowed to have any nails on the walls of my rez, and I can barely hang my earring holder on that thin cork board of mine.

I did come across some really cool stands, but the one I really like is like a barbie doll stand. Unfortunately, there weren't anyone who made a stand like that, nor is there a tutorial. Anyway, I was thinking about buying a doll from the dollar store, and some how figure it out from there. Unfortunately, when I went shopping, I didn't find a barbie doll. But, I found something better. I was in the craft section of the dollar store, and I came across a little kit that said Fashion Studio. It was basically for making your own gowns that are doll sized. It came with fabric and pins and some stickers and lace. But I was only interested in the model it came with. When I saw that, I thought, 'I'm glad I didn't get a barbie doll, it is much more simple to make this stand up than a barbie.'

It took me a few hours on Christmas Eve, and today. But I finally finished. And I absolutely LOVE IT!

I didn't use any of the fabrics it came with. It wasn't as elegant or pretty as this fabric.

Hope you guys like it =)

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