Some of my plans actually got changed. I'm pretty much babysitting my 2 year old brother (he is two tomorrow) everyday, so I won't be able to start that facebook shop. So hopefully i'll be more focused on crafting. Currently, I can't actually make anything, because I'm cleaning out my room. Since I have to move in September, I thought I should start now. My room is overcrowded with stuff, unfortunately I can't even take 10% of be belonging to rez. The dorm room are so small, and I can't bring any furnitures. So, I'm thinking of using this time to clean out my room completely get rid of all the stuff I don't need.

Anyway, I started on a Phoebe Bag. I already cut out most of the pieces, but I've yet to sew them together. I didn't want to add my sewing machine and stuff to the huge mess I already created.

I'm thinking about starting a cross stitch soon too. So, I better start cleaning, that way, I can work on my craft work!

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