Going away present...

Heyy... so I've been a bit busy, haven't really made much. And I have yet to start on my plan. I found out polymer clay was a bit more expensive than I had expected and I'm currently broke. So I'm unsure of whether I should start a facebook shop or not.
I've been meaning to start on that bag before I forget how to make it, but my brother is keeping me pretty busy.

Anyway, one of my best friends told me some very depressing news a couple days ago. I decided to make her something before she leave.

Since it was last minute, the only thing I thought of was to make a plushie heart. The front side said "Good Luck" while the back side says "Luv Michelle". I hope she likes it and carry it with her ^^. It's very small, so it should be pretty portable.

Miss you sweetie, can't wait to hear your good news ♥♥♥

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