Pyramid coin purse

A coworker asked me to watch out for some coin purses for her. I thought I'll surprise her with something that has a little personality.


DIY Stud/Ring Holder Tutorial

Hey! I received some positive response for my first tutorial, so I will be making another one.
This one is for the studs holder that I made a few weeks ago. I received some questions about it, so I decided to answer them using a tutorial.


DIY Secret Earring Holder Tutorial

A while back, I posted an earring holder that I made. I received some requests for a how-to tutorial from some fellow crafters. This is my first tutorial, and I apologize that there will be no pictures to guide you in this tutorial. If anyone is interested in a video tutorial, please let me know in the comments below.

2 identical picture frames (I found mine at the dollar store for 2 dollars each, choose a frame that is thick, mine are about an inch in width)
1 plastic canvas (from Michaels for less than a dollar)
3 hinges (I took these off an old box, but you can find these at Michaels or at any hardware store)
1 closure
   butter knife
   mini screw driver (if your hinges and closure have screws)
   glue gun (if your hinges and closure do not have screws)
   pliers (optional)


DIY studs/ring holder

I was inspired to make this stud holder after seeing some videos for ring holders. I love it. And the best part was, it costed next to nothing. I had this box for a while, because it was too cute to throw it away. I used some kitchen liners (those that prevent objects from slipping) and some thick cardboard.


DIY Secret Jewelry Holder

Just an ordinary picture frame, with a little secret.
I posted the first jewelry holder I made years ago, however, that one became a little hassle when I went to university and started to move every few months. With this one,I can take it and go without worrying earrings will be lost. It also doesn't need to be hung on a wall, which make it nicer as well. The best part is it only costed about 6 dollars to make.


Blogging again

Yay. I found a more convenient way of blogging and uploading pictures. So I'll be back to blogging soon :)