Charming New Update

Can you believe it? Time goes by so fast. Today is already Christmas Day. It felt like not long ago that I made my last project. Since it's the holidays, I made a few small charms for my friends.

I made this one for the Secret Santa gift exchange.
I made this one as a Christmas gift add-on for a friend. It's composed of four ribbon flowers with a bell underneath.

Anyways, that's it from me now. Hope I get a chance to make me things this holiday.
Merry Christmas Everyone!


DIY Wallet

It's been a while since I've posted. For the past while, I didn't do much crafting.

Anyway, I did make one thing which I was rather pleased with. Although, it's not as great as I hoped. I spent a period of three days on it. Each day I worked on it a little bit. The first day I just cut the fabric pieces, which didn't take very long; but soon my brother woke up and I couldn't do much afterwards. The second day I cut out the interfacing and ironed them on, which took a long time. I had decided to cut interfacing for every piece because my fabric wasn't very strong. It did reinforce a little, but not alot. Ironing the interfacing took the longest. I tried to avoid my brother by ironing it downstairs, but he followed me downstairs and kept reaching for the scissors. The third day I stitch it all together and my end results were okay. All the interfacing caused the fabric pieces hard to match up. When I trimed my seams, I think I actually trimmed more than I was suppose to.

I couldn't wait to use it, so it already has a place in my purse and backpack.

Before I forget, I did use a tutorial for this. I really have to thank her, I've been staring at her tutorial for the past month and a half, just waiting to try it. Click here, if interested.

Here is my end result, Hope you like it.

I've been meaning to make more felt charms, but I haven't got insipired yet.



It has been almost three weeks since my last update. Over the course of the three weeks, I hadn't really done much. Right after summer school finished, I've started watching my brother. With him around, I couldn't do anything.

Anyway, I did make a couple of items. For the first week, I didn't make anything, mostly because I was waiting for my mom to take me to the store to buy fabric, interfacing and felt. My mom never did take me, but I did get the chance to go with a couple of my friends. I bought a couple of fabric, but they were rather biased.

The couple of items I've made did not stick to my original plan at all, mostly because I was too cheap to buy zippers. So I failed at following my original plan. I've decided that I still want to make the box pouch, but I don't plan on making the pencil case.

First Item:
I made this right after I bought fabric. I used some interfacing for it so it would be stiff. I think this one actually turned out rather nice.

Second Item:
I guess my mom rather liked the second triangular change purse I made. She asked me if she could have one of the two I made, but I told her I've already gave it away. She wasn't very happy with my reply, so I decided to make her one. This one didn't turnout as nicely as I'd hoped. Near the closing part, it's has some bulge. I originally wanted to post a tutorial, but I can't post one, until I've figure it out. Btw, this is one of the new fabric I bought.

Third Item:
Another pencil case, the first one I made was intended for someone else, so I had to make myself one as well. This one is a bit shorter than the first one, this one actually looks a lot worse than the first one. I decided to change the dimension, because that one was too long for my pencils. Unfortunately, when I was cutting out the fabric, I didn't notice that I didn't cut the dimension I calculated, but the new and old dimensions combined. After that part got fixed, I somehow decided to cut the circle smaller. That didn't work out at all. So all in all, it was a big mess. Good thing I made this one for myself, so it doesn't really matter to me.

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I've had many pencil cases. In everyone of them, I always had to dig really deep to find a pencil, or my usb.

I actually prefer to have all my things resembles retractable pens. So all of my things, pencils, erasers, highlighters and pens all resembles retractable pens. With this new pencil case, it's much more easier to find things. The only problem I realized yesterday is, I forgot my wite-out. The only thing I don't like it to be a pen shape is my wite-out, mostly because the pen wite-out smells really bad. Oh well, I'll just have to find some where else to put it.

I'm planning to make a tutorial for this pencil case. So keep your eyes open!

Fourth Item:
A couple days ago, I got my mom to take me to the store, and I bought some felt. After I came out of the store, I told my mom my felt colours were really biased. I had bought them in blue, pink and grey. The three colours that occurs most often in my wardrobe. Anyway, I had bought the white felt when I went shopping with my friends. I originally used pink felt for the bow, but it didn't really work out. I made this last night, but this morning I realised that Kitty didn't have any whiskers. It's too late to add it now. Anyway, I made this for a friend I hope she'll like it as much as I do.

Here is my original drawing:
This is my finished product:

Anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully, you enjoyed looking at the pictures.


Another Change Purse

So after eating my brownies, I realized the ones in the center actually tasted like brownies.

Anyway I got more bored afterward, and I wanted to make something, but I still don't have interfacing or felt.

So I decided to make another change purse, but I didn't want to use velcro again. When I made the last one, I was complaining to my friend about the velcro, and she gave me a good idea. I decided to try it, and this is what I ended up with.

Since I don't need two, I've decided to give this one to the friend who've given me the idea.


Since I am staying home during the summer, I've got nothing to do at all. My crafting plans got ruined because I have no interfacing or felt. Without them I can't make much. My mom won't take me to the store just yet, so I'm left home feeling really bored.

I think I've complain about the same thing every summer. As soon as summer started, and I get bored, I can't wait for school to start; as soon as the work start to pile, I can't wait for chirstmas.

Anyway, I sat home today and I decided to make brownies. When I took hospitality, Mr. P didn't let us make brownies, so it was my first time. Before I started I read the instruction, it told me I needed a pan that was 11 by13, or something like that, I decided I didn't have a pan that big so I made half. After I finished mixing it, I realized I didn't make enough, but I baked it anyway. So my finished product was alright, the brownie was rather short. One of the corners got burnt, so it kind of taste like chocolate cookie. I think I might put too much flour, because it doesn't really taste like brownies... It taste kind of like chocolate cake.

Oh well, I give up...

Anyway sorry I didn't take any pictures, I kind of ate it...


Triangular Change Purse

So after working on it for about an hour without any instructions, I've made countless mistakes. In the end, I was able to finish it. It actually look okay for my first trial.

It actually looked a bit different than the example I had. I wasn't planning on starting it so soon, but after posting the first post, I couldn't wait. All the materials I used are from before. The blue precious moment fabric was my left over fabric from fashion class. The ribbon was something I found in my crafting drawer. The lining was also left over from fashion class, it was the lining I used for my dress.

I didn't use a zipper, since it wasn't planned I didn't have a zipper small enough. I used velcro instead, and it taught me a lesson. Velcro is really hard to sew, they kept sticking to my thread.

My change purse is not as nice looking at the example, probably because I didn't press it while i was sewing, so it looks really wrinkly. I should have probably used interfacing too, the change purse I made is rather soft.

Anyway, hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Please comment if you have any questions =]


First Post

A while back I got inspired by a friend who started a blog. After seeing his blog as well as blogs other people had, it gave me an idea. I'm planning to dedicate this blog to crafters. Recently, I got insterested in wallet, purses, and bags. A while back, I was interested in making earrings. So I'm dedicating this blog to other people who love what I love. I want to give back to the community that has given me so much.

Anyway, for my first post, I want to show an earring holder that I made yesterday. It's not really that good, but it's not completely bad. After so many tutorials, and my failed attempt, I finally found the right material to allow me to make an earring holder.

Overall this earring holder costed me about 3-4 dollars max?
Although it's not professional, but I'm still proud that I was able to make an earring holder that can hold all my earrings without annoying me everyday.
You may notice that I have ALOT of star earrings. I just really like stars, to me they're the most amazing shape.
Some of the earrings on it are made by me, while others are bought. Later on, I will post up earring tutorials for earring lovers.

Now that summer school is over, my goals for the rest of the summer is to make a couple of things:

Triangular shaped change wallet. They are so cute. I don't know if i'll be able to make this, I found this picture on a chinese forum, but the person who posted this didn't post a tutorial.

I'm unsure of who made this, but I found a tutorial that teaches you how to make these box pouches.

Finally I found this, it's a pencil case, it's rather cute. This one seem really simple, except for the zipper part. I think I will also try to make this.

I think once I finished these, if others like it, I will post up a tutorial. I'm sure no one want to hear opinions made by someone who don't know what they're talking about. So I will only post one if others want to learn.