DIY Kitty Pencil case

Wow, summer is almost over, but surprisingly I didn't actually make anything this summer. I've been so busy babysitting my brother. He's so troublesome and naughty.
Anyways, my to-do list is pretty long. Unfortunately, I won't be able to finish everything. So, I might have to put it off until next summer. I'm not bring any of my crafting stuff to rez, because then I would have to bring a lot of stuff. My room will be very small if i bring too much stuff, so i decided to leave it all at home.

I didn't actually make this pencil case this summer, I made it during the end of January. At the time, I wanted a bigger pencil case so I can fit my calculator in it. I actually lost my calculator right after I finished my second last exam of the term, my last exam was actually a math exam. So that whole thing was pretty messy. I thought it would be better if my pencil case was bigger. I did cut the fabric bigger than the original pattern, however it was still too small for my calculator. I messed it up during the winter, and never finished it. So a couple days ago, I decided to take it apart and redo it.

My final product, I absolutely love it.

The front:

The back:
I even found a little buddy for it. So cute ^^

I did use a tutorial for this pencil case, though I'm not really sure the owner of it because I've seen it in many places.

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