Happy Mother's Day!

To all mothers in the world, Happy Mother's Day. Today is your special day, and you deserve something special. To all children in the world, award your mom with something special. Moms' has been working long and hard throughout the year and they deserve a little present that comes from the hearts. =]

Of course, my mom deserve nothing less than the best gift I can think of. This year my idea came a bit late, so I didn't have time to buy supplies.

I made her a pot of origami flowers. It was fun to make but it was also very time consuming.

I'll probably go out to by her something else later today.

Hope you all enjoy today, and celebrate with your family. ^^


  1. Pretty!! Sorry I didn't notice this post so late, but I love looking at all the things you make.

    Got plans for Father's Day? =)

    P.S. How are things going for you, Michelle?

  2. Heyy Christie!! lol, it's alright, lol, well hopefully i'll be able to make more things this summer.
    Today is father's day, i didn't make my dad anything. I'm gonna buy him something once exam finishes ^^

    Btw, i'll be seeing you next year ^^ Can't wait! I'll be on campus ^^

    How about you? You're studying this semester right?


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