It has been almost three weeks since my last update. Over the course of the three weeks, I hadn't really done much. Right after summer school finished, I've started watching my brother. With him around, I couldn't do anything.

Anyway, I did make a couple of items. For the first week, I didn't make anything, mostly because I was waiting for my mom to take me to the store to buy fabric, interfacing and felt. My mom never did take me, but I did get the chance to go with a couple of my friends. I bought a couple of fabric, but they were rather biased.

The couple of items I've made did not stick to my original plan at all, mostly because I was too cheap to buy zippers. So I failed at following my original plan. I've decided that I still want to make the box pouch, but I don't plan on making the pencil case.

First Item:
I made this right after I bought fabric. I used some interfacing for it so it would be stiff. I think this one actually turned out rather nice.

Second Item:
I guess my mom rather liked the second triangular change purse I made. She asked me if she could have one of the two I made, but I told her I've already gave it away. She wasn't very happy with my reply, so I decided to make her one. This one didn't turnout as nicely as I'd hoped. Near the closing part, it's has some bulge. I originally wanted to post a tutorial, but I can't post one, until I've figure it out. Btw, this is one of the new fabric I bought.

Third Item:
Another pencil case, the first one I made was intended for someone else, so I had to make myself one as well. This one is a bit shorter than the first one, this one actually looks a lot worse than the first one. I decided to change the dimension, because that one was too long for my pencils. Unfortunately, when I was cutting out the fabric, I didn't notice that I didn't cut the dimension I calculated, but the new and old dimensions combined. After that part got fixed, I somehow decided to cut the circle smaller. That didn't work out at all. So all in all, it was a big mess. Good thing I made this one for myself, so it doesn't really matter to me.

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I've had many pencil cases. In everyone of them, I always had to dig really deep to find a pencil, or my usb.

I actually prefer to have all my things resembles retractable pens. So all of my things, pencils, erasers, highlighters and pens all resembles retractable pens. With this new pencil case, it's much more easier to find things. The only problem I realized yesterday is, I forgot my wite-out. The only thing I don't like it to be a pen shape is my wite-out, mostly because the pen wite-out smells really bad. Oh well, I'll just have to find some where else to put it.

I'm planning to make a tutorial for this pencil case. So keep your eyes open!

Fourth Item:
A couple days ago, I got my mom to take me to the store, and I bought some felt. After I came out of the store, I told my mom my felt colours were really biased. I had bought them in blue, pink and grey. The three colours that occurs most often in my wardrobe. Anyway, I had bought the white felt when I went shopping with my friends. I originally used pink felt for the bow, but it didn't really work out. I made this last night, but this morning I realised that Kitty didn't have any whiskers. It's too late to add it now. Anyway, I made this for a friend I hope she'll like it as much as I do.

Here is my original drawing:
This is my finished product:

Anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully, you enjoyed looking at the pictures.


  1. cool pictures michelle. and cool hobby :) i like.

  2. kawaii~ you made a lotta stuff. xD me like the kitty meow~


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