Since I am staying home during the summer, I've got nothing to do at all. My crafting plans got ruined because I have no interfacing or felt. Without them I can't make much. My mom won't take me to the store just yet, so I'm left home feeling really bored.

I think I've complain about the same thing every summer. As soon as summer started, and I get bored, I can't wait for school to start; as soon as the work start to pile, I can't wait for chirstmas.

Anyway, I sat home today and I decided to make brownies. When I took hospitality, Mr. P didn't let us make brownies, so it was my first time. Before I started I read the instruction, it told me I needed a pan that was 11 by13, or something like that, I decided I didn't have a pan that big so I made half. After I finished mixing it, I realized I didn't make enough, but I baked it anyway. So my finished product was alright, the brownie was rather short. One of the corners got burnt, so it kind of taste like chocolate cookie. I think I might put too much flour, because it doesn't really taste like brownies... It taste kind of like chocolate cake.

Oh well, I give up...

Anyway sorry I didn't take any pictures, I kind of ate it...

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