Triangular Change Purse

So after working on it for about an hour without any instructions, I've made countless mistakes. In the end, I was able to finish it. It actually look okay for my first trial.

It actually looked a bit different than the example I had. I wasn't planning on starting it so soon, but after posting the first post, I couldn't wait. All the materials I used are from before. The blue precious moment fabric was my left over fabric from fashion class. The ribbon was something I found in my crafting drawer. The lining was also left over from fashion class, it was the lining I used for my dress.

I didn't use a zipper, since it wasn't planned I didn't have a zipper small enough. I used velcro instead, and it taught me a lesson. Velcro is really hard to sew, they kept sticking to my thread.

My change purse is not as nice looking at the example, probably because I didn't press it while i was sewing, so it looks really wrinkly. I should have probably used interfacing too, the change purse I made is rather soft.

Anyway, hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Please comment if you have any questions =]


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