First Post

A while back I got inspired by a friend who started a blog. After seeing his blog as well as blogs other people had, it gave me an idea. I'm planning to dedicate this blog to crafters. Recently, I got insterested in wallet, purses, and bags. A while back, I was interested in making earrings. So I'm dedicating this blog to other people who love what I love. I want to give back to the community that has given me so much.

Anyway, for my first post, I want to show an earring holder that I made yesterday. It's not really that good, but it's not completely bad. After so many tutorials, and my failed attempt, I finally found the right material to allow me to make an earring holder.

Overall this earring holder costed me about 3-4 dollars max?
Although it's not professional, but I'm still proud that I was able to make an earring holder that can hold all my earrings without annoying me everyday.
You may notice that I have ALOT of star earrings. I just really like stars, to me they're the most amazing shape.
Some of the earrings on it are made by me, while others are bought. Later on, I will post up earring tutorials for earring lovers.

Now that summer school is over, my goals for the rest of the summer is to make a couple of things:

Triangular shaped change wallet. They are so cute. I don't know if i'll be able to make this, I found this picture on a chinese forum, but the person who posted this didn't post a tutorial.

I'm unsure of who made this, but I found a tutorial that teaches you how to make these box pouches.

Finally I found this, it's a pencil case, it's rather cute. This one seem really simple, except for the zipper part. I think I will also try to make this.

I think once I finished these, if others like it, I will post up a tutorial. I'm sure no one want to hear opinions made by someone who don't know what they're talking about. So I will only post one if others want to learn.


  1. Awie~ kawaii~ now I am inspired! xD


  2. By the way, your earring holder is awesome. =D How did you make it?


  3. I'm in with the comment above, can you please let us know how you made the earring holder? It's darling!


  4. What are the materials you used to make such a cute earring holder?


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