DIY Wallet

It's been a while since I've posted. For the past while, I didn't do much crafting.

Anyway, I did make one thing which I was rather pleased with. Although, it's not as great as I hoped. I spent a period of three days on it. Each day I worked on it a little bit. The first day I just cut the fabric pieces, which didn't take very long; but soon my brother woke up and I couldn't do much afterwards. The second day I cut out the interfacing and ironed them on, which took a long time. I had decided to cut interfacing for every piece because my fabric wasn't very strong. It did reinforce a little, but not alot. Ironing the interfacing took the longest. I tried to avoid my brother by ironing it downstairs, but he followed me downstairs and kept reaching for the scissors. The third day I stitch it all together and my end results were okay. All the interfacing caused the fabric pieces hard to match up. When I trimed my seams, I think I actually trimmed more than I was suppose to.

I couldn't wait to use it, so it already has a place in my purse and backpack.

Before I forget, I did use a tutorial for this. I really have to thank her, I've been staring at her tutorial for the past month and a half, just waiting to try it. Click here, if interested.

Here is my end result, Hope you like it.

I've been meaning to make more felt charms, but I haven't got insipired yet.


  1. great job! it turned out really well! thanks for linking to me :) i've made many with just plain interfaced cotton, and it works fairly well, and they generally hold up well also.

  2. WOW, Michelle! Those are so pretty. If I didn't just buy a wallet recently, I would demand that you make one for me! Btw, how are you? We never talk anymore :(


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