DIY Stud/Ring Holder Tutorial

Hey! I received some positive response for my first tutorial, so I will be making another one.
This one is for the studs holder that I made a few weeks ago. I received some questions about it, so I decided to answer them using a tutorial.

Box - Preferably shallow mine is about 3 cm tall, mine was the box of a gift set from Bath and Body Works, I took the product and plastic out of the box.
Cardboard - You can choose to use foam boards as well
Non-slip kitchen liners - I picked up mine from the dollar store
Xacto knife
Glue gun


  1. Cut the cardboard to the same width as the inside of the box, make the height of the cardboard 1 cm less than the height of your box. 
  2. Liner dimension: length is the same as the cardboard, the width is 2 times the height of the cardboard plus the width of the cardboard. Make sure your liner can cover both the front and the back of your cardboard, in addition, it needs to cover the top of the cardboard.
  3. Glue your liner to your cardboard
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the necessary amount of strips required to fit the box.
Tip: You can choose to glue the sides of the cardboard strips to the inside of the box, however, the non-slip  liners creates a lot of friction that I found if it is very snug, it will not budge. 

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