DIY Secret Earring Holder Tutorial

A while back, I posted an earring holder that I made. I received some requests for a how-to tutorial from some fellow crafters. This is my first tutorial, and I apologize that there will be no pictures to guide you in this tutorial. If anyone is interested in a video tutorial, please let me know in the comments below.

2 identical picture frames (I found mine at the dollar store for 2 dollars each, choose a frame that is thick, mine are about an inch in width)
1 plastic canvas (from Michaels for less than a dollar)
3 hinges (I took these off an old box, but you can find these at Michaels or at any hardware store)
1 closure
   butter knife
   mini screw driver (if your hinges and closure have screws)
   glue gun (if your hinges and closure do not have screws)
   pliers (optional)

The back frame and the front frame are done quite differently, so let's start from the easier of the two.

Back frame:
Take apart your frame. Measure your canvas to the size of your frame. Make sure you measure from the back of the frame, so the canvas will fit into the frame, but won't fall out from the front. You can choose to glue the canvas in to secure it in place. However, I found it made the frame bulge and I couldn't attach the back cover, so I decided not to. My frames also came with a cardboard lining (it looks like a cardboard boarder) . Put the lining and the back cover of the frame back into place. The lining allow some room between the canvas and the back cover so it allowed the earring hook to move without restriction. If you didn't want to have a front door, you now have a earring holder that is made out of a picture frame. Many people have made tutorials for this.

Front frame:
For the front frame, if you don't want to have a section for your jewelry, all you need to do is take the stand off. Mine were secured with eyelets. To take it off, use a butter knife to prey it off.

I had some left over canvas, it wasn't big enough to fit into the whole frame, but I can use the left over space to fit my longer earrings. So I decided to make the front frame into a earring holder as well.

First, take the frame apart. Glue your glass into the frame so it is secure and would not fall. Next take your canvas and measure it so it fits into the frame. In order to secure the canvas from falling out. I took the frame backing clips out of the back cover. To do so, use a butter knife to pry it off. Carefully take it out, and make sure it is not broken, because you will need to attach it to the canvas. Glue your canvas to the lining of your frame. Then attach the backing clips to the canvas with pliers. Make sure that the backing clips are able to turn and secure the canvas to the frame. If you do not think it is necessary to change the picture of your picture frame, feel free to glue the lining into place instead of using the backing clips.

Finally, attach your hinges to the inside of your frames. and the closure to the side of your frames. My hinges and closure came with screws, so I screwed them into place.

Your end result should look like this:

The eyelet that is attached to the backing clips and the stand can be sharp, be careful when using knifes and pliers.
Your frames may be a bit different from mine, so adjust the steps accordingly.

This is my first tutorial, I apologize if anything seems unclear. if you have any questions regarding any of the steps, feel free to comment below and I would love to explain it.


  1. This is sooo cute! I am definitely going to have to try this out! My earrings are soo messy they annoy me soo much lol!

    Lorraine x

  2. awesome! i never thought of these before! favorite post ever!


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